Get the power of the AA in YOUR pocket and...

What is
AA Accident Assist?

AA Accident Assist is the latest update to the AA’s FREE mobile phone application, to give you critical help on the road. In a stressful accident situation, often the last thing on your mind is remembering all the details you need for your insurance claim. AA Accident Assist gives you this critical help by guiding you through the process… recording information and 3rd party details… keeping photos, videos and voice recordings ready for your insurance claim.

Who can register for
AA Accident Assist?

Anyone with a recent smartphone* can register. Just complete your details and download the app to your phone. You’ll receive an email at the address you supplied, to confirm that your AA Accident Assist is active.
Or, if you’ve already registered for AA Rescue , simply login above and complete the additional AA Accident Assist details, then click the update button to load the latest version of the app on to your phone.

How does
AA Accident Assist work?

Once you’ve downloaded AA Accident Assist, you’ll automatically get the AA Rescue roadside emergency alert button too! Then, if you find yourself involved in an accident, send a Rescue Me alert, and then just follow the step-by-step instructions to record information at the scene so nothing is forgotten. Your incident will be saved to your website profile, so you can update the information at any time... and send the details directly to your insurer.

What will
AA Accident Assist do for me?

AA Accident Assist will provide invaluable assistance at the scene of an accident, guiding you through the accident process, and recording the information you’ll need for an insurance claim, or for later legal action. Once you’ve registered you’ll also get the AA Rescue emergency alert button to give you instant access to AA services in a roadside emergency… and remember, as an AA Member, you’ll get instant access to your Membership benefits.