Get the power of the AA in YOUR pocket and...

How will the AA help me when I need it most?

Ensure that when you're in a roadside emergency, you have peace-of-mind, knowing you have instant access to the AA. Just get the AA Rescue Service on your phone and you'll have access to all the roadside emergency services you need... with just one click!

How can I get the power of the AA in my pocket?

Never worry again about getting stuck on the road. Just register for the AA Rescue Service by completing your contact and personal details. And when you send a Rescue Me alert from your phone, we'll know exactly where to find you.

Who can register for the AA Rescue Service?

Anyone with a cellphone can register. Once you complete your registration, we will send an email to the address you supplied, to confirm your AA Rescue Service is active. Then, when you get stuck, just click Rescue Me to send us an alert.

How does the AA Rescue Service work?

As soon as you press the Rescue Me button, your phone sends an instant alert along with your location details. We'll confirm we've received it and call you back to ensure you're ok, and to confirm which assistance service you need.